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Tuesday, December 13, 2016: Port Arthur ISD Academic Bowl
During a quiz bowl game, two or more teams of usually up to four or five players are read
questions by a moderator. In most forms of quiz bowl, there are three basic types of questions:
toss-ups, bonuses, and lightening round. Toss-ups are questions that any individual player can
attempt to answer, and players are generally not allowed to confer with each other. Each player
usually has a signaling device, also called a buzzer, to signal in at any time during the question
to give an answer. If the answer given is incorrect, then no other member of that team may give
an answer. If a toss-up is successfully answered, the correctly answering team is given an
opportunity to answer a bonus. Bonuses are usually worth a total of 30 points, and consist of
three individual questions worth ten points each. Team members are generally permitted to
confer with each other on these questions.
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1st Place Winners: 2016 - 2017 PAISD Academic Bowl


First Row Left to Right: Julian Medina, Ivan Medina, Yareli Cisneros,


Jaylon Reed, Cayden Jackson, and Riyan Taylor



Second Row Left to Right: Principal Cheryl Tripplett, Connie Martinez,


Melissa Lee, and Veronica Lambert