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Rebecca Martinez
Are you wondering 
whether or not your
favorite Dork Diaries book
is checked out? Do you
want to conduct a search 
and see what adventure 
books are available at the 
Check out the online
catalog. Click on Lucian
Adamas, and let the search
for your next book begin. 
Login: ladams Password:
titans Student ID:
student's lunch# 
Ebooks can be read on a 
computer, laptop, tablet, 
or phone (any device with
internet access). There is 
on app available if you
would like to download the
eBooks to a device such
as an iPhone, iPad,
Android, etc. Simply go to 
the app store on you
device and search for 
Searching for Accelerated
Reader books is easier 
than ever with this free
online tool.
AR tests can't be taken at 
home, but this link can be
used to view student
scores and progress.
This site features book
reviews, author interviews,
and much more. Students 
can learn more about new 
titles and even participate 
in contests.